Inpatient Services

750 beds including ICU, CCU, SICU, PICU, NICU

General areas:

  1. Separate nursing station in each ward with easy access to every corner of the ward.
  2. The ramp is constructed from the ground floor to the 5thfloor for patients.
  3. A lift system is available.
  4. Post OP is equipped with all necessary equipment and instruments.
  5. Treatment room, isolation room is available in each ward
  6. An adequate number of separate toilets/bathrooms for male and female patients.
  7. The doctor’s room, nursing changing room, store are available in each ward
  8. Security guard for the safety of patients and crowd control in the wards as per need
  9. Well equipped labour/delivery room as per the requirement
  10. Air conditioner, fan, electricity, water supply in each ward
  11. Enough waiting area