24 hours Emergency Services

  • Emergency
  • Laboratory
  • Radiology
  • Emergency Operation
  • In-patient


Emergency Services are available for 24 hours in the hospital. The Emergency ward has the following facilities:

  1. The emergency ward is organized separately in the northeast part of the hospital’s main building with easy access for ambulances and other vehicles. The ramp, as well as the staircase, is built in the main entrance of an emergency.
  2. A separate billing counter is available for emergencies.
  3. The triage section, treatment room, resuscitation, observation section are allocated in the emergency.
  4. There is a separate radiology service for emergency cases. Fast and direct services for laboratory tests. A blood Bank is available.
  5. There is easy access to a central laboratory, radiology, emergency Operation Theater and pharmacy from emergency. Patients can be transferred by trolley, wheelchairs.
  6. Central laboratory, blood bank, radiodiagnosis, emergency operation, pharmacy, etc. are open for 24 hours with adequate staffing.
  7. 24 hours medical officers and consultants are available.
  8. Round-the-clock arrangement of security guards.
  9. Nepal Police Bit is a nearby emergency and they provide service round the clock.
  10. Hospital has adequate space for treating patients during disasters.
  11. A separate toilet bathroom is available for males and females near the emergency ward.